Parking at Lambeau Field

The Green Bay Packers of Wisconsin have one of the most impressive sell-out streaks in sports history. Lambeau Field has sold every game since 1960, and more than 81,000 names remain on the waiting list for season tickets, with a reported average wait time of thirty years. More than once, this famous stadium, with the fourth largest seating capacity, has been dubbed the best in the NFL. With so many seats at the stadium, the official Lambeau Field seating chart is limited to the interior of the venue and does not normally show the exterior parking areas.

Considering Lambeau Field’s historical feats as a football arena, it comes as no surprise that the entire stadium lot is perpetually sold out to people with season parking passes. Visitors who decide to drop in every so often are therefore faced with the difficult task of finding a spot completely on their own.

Finding Lambeau Field Parking on Game Day

The best option for finding game day parking is to search for nearby parking garages and cash lots. Some of these are free on weekends, but they fill up fast. Try to locate a lot ahead of time. Various websites help locate cash lots and garages for fans. Oneida Street has several pay-for-park options, as does Briquelet Street.

Another great option is parking on the street. There is ample free parking along side streets a few blocks away from the stadium. Make sure you know how to get to them, and if you don’t, arrive early to drive around a few blocks to find the right spot. Plan to walk a mile or two once you find a space. Those with disabilities should contact Lambeau Field in advance to inquire about the first-come first-serve parking options close to the stadium available to them.

While it might require a bit of looking around, there are plenty of spots within walking distance, and many of them are cheap, or free. You will find a space, as long as you come a few hours before kickoff. Leave your temper at home. Shopping for a good space comes with the territory. Be patient, attentive, and persistent, and pretty soon, your only concern will be the score.

Tailgating at Lambeau Field

Travel light if you intend to use the park and walk option, but still want tailgate at the Lambeau Field parking lot, also known as the Tundra Tailgate Zone. Bring a cooler, however small, and maybe some precooked food. People at the stadium are usually very outgoing, and some may even let you throw a few patties on their grill. You do not want to come off as a freeloader, so try to have something to contribute. The Tundra Tailgate Zone hosts one of the best tailgate parties in the NFL, in large part thanks to the generosity and spirit of Packers fans. You will not regret lugging that cooler along, and you will be happy you kept your head long enough to find a parking space, especially once admission gates open, and the real show begins. Good things come to those who wait at Lambeau Field.

This article was written by Dominick Sorrentino. Dominick is a professional writer based in Honolulu, Hawaii and can be contacted through Google+.